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Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair


Developed and manufactured in Japan, the Wellness Nordic Chair uses rocking therapy to bring calm to affected patients suffering from dementia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, acquired brain injury or congenital cognitive limitation. The study showed that after a session of rocking therapy dementia sufferers felt less anxious, less depressed and more balanced. The rocking chair therapy also proved to be a promising innovative method for improving quality of life for care facility residents without having to rely on medication. The current study shows that care of the elderly can easily benefit from introducing rocking chairs. The use of rocking chairs is safe and practical and provides both relaxation and mental and physical support. Ascension is the authorised dealer for Wellness Nordic Chair in Singapore. For sales enquiries, please email leefattleong@ascensiongroup.sg.


Mr. Tan MT, from Pasir Ris, Singapore

“My father in law has weak legs due to old age and I went to Japan to attend the HCR exhibition trying to get for him some walking aids. In the exhibition, I saw this Nordic Wellness Chair on exhibition meant for dementia patients. I ordered one unit to be shipped to Singapore for my mother- in-law who has been diagnosed with dementia”.

“Before the illness, she used to acknowledge my daughter and myself during our visits. She was also a very cheerful person all the while. After this illness, she kept much to herself and refused to acknowledge us during our visits anymore. She appeared to be more aggressive in her behaviour and she began to lose weight. After the use of the therapy chair, she is regaining her weight, her appetite continues to improve and she acknowledge us during our visits. She appears to be more peaceful and milder in nature. I am really surprised the therapy chair has helped her in her wellness”.

“I must declare that the therapy chair as explained to me by the Japanese manufacturer, will not be able to cure dementia but it eases the work for the home care nurses and family members as the patients become easier to look after as they will mellow down in their behaviours”.


Solveig Jakobsen, Department Manager, Svovlhatten Residence in Odense, Denmark

(Svovlhatten is a residential facility for people living with sustained brain injuries) 


"At Svovlhatten, we have tested the Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair on two people. One of them has severely restricted mobility and the other is very susceptible to disturbed behaviour. We had the opportunity of testing the Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair for a longer period of time. It proved a great success for both residents. The rocking chair meant less restricted mobility for one of them. She has begun to handle everyday tasks by herself, such as getting food and drink from the fridge. This was not the case previously. She attends a day care centre, where she used to spend long days sat in a wheelchair. Now she is able to walk around by herself during the day. 

Following use of the rocking chair, the resident with the very disturbed behaviour has become significantly calmer and no longer gets distressed to the same extent as before. She independently asks to go to the rocking chair.”

Bodil Sørensen, Dementia Coordinator, Care Facility Sjælsø, Denmark

"One of our adult day care participants is an elderly lady suffering from severe Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s dementia. She is restless and feels best with constant physical contact. She wakes up the other guests when they are napping after lunch. After one hour in the Wellness Nordic chair, she is calmed sufficiently, so that she can participate effortlessly in activities and minor chores.” 

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